Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Flosstube #66 Show Notes

Happy Tuesday, July 17! I'm full on now. Whew!

Best New Thing: 
  • They're not new at all, but they're my grandma's crewel embroidery:
My mug: 
  • Michigan (it was the first grabbable one on the shelf this morning) click on the pic if you need one (it's my Amazon Associates link, full disclosure)

FFOs: (nothing YET!)

Finishes (none this week)
  • Bent Creek, Starry Starry Night. I purchased this on eBay already partially stitched:
And I finished it this week: 

I'll be taking it to Acorns & Threads for the August Meetup so that JoLyn can soft finish everything for me, yay! Here's a link to the video where I introduce JoLyn: 
  • Maryse de Grilles Haunted House Freebie: (click on the pic for a link to the freebie)
Here's my finish: 

I'll finish this on a little box that was given to us at the Midwest Retreat in 2017 expressly to finish this piece. <3 

  • Stacey Nash Primitives, Martha Agnes Sampler Roll Pocket: (click the pic to purchase from StacyNash on Etsy): 
The pocket is the winged chicken. Here's mine:

This will also go to Acorns & Threads for soft finishing once I finish the sampler portion.

WIPs (Works in Progress)
  • Martha Agnes Sampler Roll from Stacey Nash Primitives: 

Here is what mine looked like last time: 

And here is what it looks like now: 

I'm stitching mine on 18 count Long Coffee from xJuDesign on Etsy with some of the called for colors. 
I'm SOCLOSE to being done!! Just waiting on a bit more Kalamata and the Sampler Roll will be done!

I'm stitching mine with all of the called for DMC on a piece of fabric dyed for me (like a YEAR ago!) by the lovely Andrea Stitches in CO. And here is my progress: 

I'm stitching this with my Ball Point Needles from Polka Dot Stitchery on eBay and I'm obsessed with them and I'll never buy anything else ever again. (except when I'm beading) Click on the pictures to go to her Facebook group: 

And here is the one I stitched last year: 

I Priscilla'd it to finish. It's still available to click on the picture to purchase! 


  • At Garage sale #1 I found a creepy cool metal flower frog, an old seive, and an antique wooden spool! 

  • And at an Estate Sale: I picked up a cool old iron (HEAVY!!) and a save the stitches from 1980: 

  • Dyeing 2 Stitch Colonial Gathering's Club, it's Bringing Home the Tree from The Scarlett House: 
Click on the picture for al link directly to the Dyeing2Stitch clubs page. and Click HERE to see the club kits that are available to purchase. 

Happy Mail/Gifts: 
  • Border chart for my Country Stitchers' Round Robin!! 
As you can see, I'm NOT going with icy blues and greys, lol. The greys and taupes and pinks just called to me! 
  • Happy mail from Leann: 
  • Eeyore needleminder from Melanie: 
Because sad is happy for deep people: 

  • Donations for the Alzheimer's Live Sale from Carrie! GET EXCITED
That's right. It's ALL of the WORDPLAY months!!!! 
  • Donations from Pat for the Alzheimer's Sale: 
And another bauble! 

Flosstube Shoutouts: (none this time)


  • Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson: (click on the picture for a link to the Goodreads page)
I give this book 394 stars out of 5. Go buy it. Now. And watch out for Drop Bears, amirite Michelle

Instagram Auction Items!!

  • Auction will take place today through Tuesday, July 24 at 0600 PST on @michellebendy on Instagram. Here's an amazing diagram describing how to bid: 
Under the picture of the item that you'd like to purchase, you put your bid in $1 increments AND you tag the person who bid above you. Only the person who bid DIRECTLY above you!
  • Mama Joan bag, the Purple Flower Esprit Maison: (click on the pic to purchase from Mama Joan)

  • BONUS!!! Clay by Kim "Fruitfly" needleminders, set of 4: 

Outside Links:

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Flosstube #65 Show Notes

Happy Tuesday, July 10! I'm BACK!!! I missed y'all. <3

Best New Thing: 
  • Cash Andrew Carter of course!
    He's amazing. Congrats Chelsea!! 
My mug: 
  • It's the Stitch Con cup!! 

Things we all need:


  • I finished my #crossstitchatcs fro June (sad, but true). The theme was Horror: 
This is a perler bead pattern that I found online. It seemed simple but it was BIG and took DAYS!! But I love it. 

Finishes (none this week)

WIPs (Works in Progress)
  • My first WIP is exactly 87 stitches different than last time, Stitchrovia's Mind SAL, aka, Quotes to Live By: (click on the pic to buy)

Here is what it looked like last time: 

And here it is, 87 stitches later: 
I'm stitching this with all of the called for colors on a piece of 16 count Aida that I tea dyed.
  • Next I worked on the freebie from the 2017 Midwest Cross Stitchers' Retreat in Minnesota: Pattern is from Les Grille de Maryse
I'm stitching mine in DMC on a linen that Michelle R dyed for us. Here it is last time:

  • Finally, my Stitch Con start, I worked on Stacey Nash Primitives' Martha Agnes Sampler Roll. And it's amazing: 
I'm stitching mine on 18 count Long Coffee from xJuDesign on Etsy with some of the called for colors. 
I'm as far along as I can be until I get more flosses from friends. I love love love the Stitchy Community because the flosses are on their way! 

StitchCon Stuff:
  • Smalls Exchange from the incomparable Sarah Mille (@hoopcatstitches): 

  • From Jessie Marie: 

  • Fiona the Fay by Brooke's Books (click on the picture to purchase)

  • Wrong Side of the Tracks outline by Raise the Roof designs (click to purchse the border pattern)

  • Victoria Sampler Stitching Witches (click to view on 123stitch)

  • Jeannette Douglas Vintage Birds (click to purchase from Gulf Coast Stitches)

  • Carriage House SAmplings Acorns & Threads (click to purchase)

  • Stacey Nash Christmas at Hollyberry Farm (click to purchase from 123Stitch)

  • Tellin Emblum Potted Posies (click to purchase from 123Stitch)

  • The Primitive Hare Yule Queen (click to purchase from Gulf Coast Stitches)
I'm starting this on August 1 with Michelle Mich Stitch and Melissa Cupcake Stitcher. Join us!
  • Mill Hill Grand Canyon Santa (click to purchase from 123Stitch)

  • From Mindi: leftover flosses for Victoria Sampler Beach Cottages: (click to purchase from 123Stitch)

  • StitchCon Grab Bag of goodies: 

  • This month's Colour & Cotton Thread of the Month (click on the pic to go to the Thread of the Month listing): 

  • Country au Point de Croix book (in French) Flip through is coming, click on the pic to purchase from my Amazon Affiliates link): 

Happy Mail/Gifts: 
  • I won a needleminder and got a beautiful bookmark from Karen at KEB Creations Studio: 

  • The great biscornu swap package from Nancy, with a Jeannette Douglas Pineapple Biscornu: 

  • Midwest Cross Stitchers' first annual retreat package from Jamie N. 

  • Baubles: 

  • Noah's Christmas Ark 2 from Brenda D: (click to purchase from Gulf Coast Stitches)

  • From Susan in the UK: 

  • Pretty Little Hawaii from Satsuma Street: (click on the pic to purchase)
  • A gift from Paolo: Stay tuned for a flip through on this book!!

Thrift Store Finds: (none this week)

Flosstube Shoutouts: (none this time)


Outside Links:

Flosstubers Mentioned (not all links are working yet, just copy/paste the name into the YouTube search bar)
  • Marlene, Stitchin by the Lake
  • Priscilla & Chelsea
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