Sunday, April 22, 2018

Show Notes: Stitch with Me #20

Happy Sunday!! Today on the Stitch with Me video I worked on Here Lie My Needles by Shakespeare's Peddler:

Here's what mine looks like:

I'm stitching this on 14-ish count fabric that I found by the YARDS at an estate sale. It may or may not be Heatherfield?  And since I only had two of the called for colors, here is my conversion:

WDW Havana ---> WDW Oak
GA Avocado ---> WDW Oscar
WDW Loden ---> WDW Moss
GA Grasshopper ---> same
WDW Confederate Grey ---> Mo's Sale Hagrid
GA Old Hickory ---> WDW Pecan
WDW Olive ---> WDW Sage
GA Linen ---> Ship's Manor Between the Shadows
WDW Dirt Road ---> WDW Chestnut
WDW Schneckley ---> Colour & Cotton Golden Ale
WDW Charcoal ---> GA Black Coffee
WDW Baked Apple ---> Colour & Cotton Gingerbread
GA Shakeer White ---> WDW Fawn
GA Raspberry Frost ---> Colour & Cotton Fig
WDW Red Pear ---> same
GA Old Red Paint ---> WDW Aztec Red

There's a SAL for this!! On Instagram it's #GCSHereLieMyNeedlesSAL and the facebook group is called Here Lie My Needles SAL. It's not too late to join (it never is!) so get your chart here:

Go buy Jamie Chalmers' Book: The Mr. X-Stitch Guide to Cross Stitch:

Swaps that I talked about:

SALs that I talked about: (click on the pictures to buy!)
  • May 1, Sally Spencer by Birds of a Feather with Lanette from Homesteading on the Homefront, Donna Rae from Flannel Jammies Farm, and Lorrie from Mischevious Stitches
  • May 4, Leia & Han by Tilton Crafts with Andrea Stitches in Colorado
  • May 8, Two Bees and ABCs by Rosewood Manor with Laura & Nancy, the Addicted Sisters
  • May 15, Black Heart by Kathy Barrick with @aimeebaruch 
  • May 19, Royal Wedding SAL, stitch anything you want! I'm going with the StoneStreet Stitchworks freebie, with Dawn Frosty X-Stitch, Kerry in Stitches, and Diana itiskismet
  • June 1, Eliza Bell Cox 1832 Hands Across the Sea with Julie and everyone in the Eliza Bell Cox 1832 FB Group
  • Labor Day, Tis the Season by Blackbird Designs with Lanette, Donna Rae, Holly & Anita, and more: 
  • Turkey the World SAL with Sarah Marie. I'm going to stitch Thomas by Notforgotten Farm (I think!)

Retreats that I talked about:

Flosstubers that I talked about:

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Year of WIPocalypse FINISH!!

Well, I've now finished MORE Year of WIPocalypse pieces in the first ten days of April than I did in all of March. Excellent!

On December 31, I had about five new starts in order to get myself up to "enough" WIPs to participate in the Year of WIPs in the Soulful Stitching Facebook group. Bird Study by Kathy Barrick was one of those:

This chart was a Pass the Stash from Nicole, Buckeye Stitcher, a long time ago. And I didn't start it. And I wanted to start it. And I didn't start it. So, with the goal of forcing myself to finish it in 2018, I finally started it and (you guessed it) finished it!! 

I stitched this with one strand of all of the called for DMC flosses on a 16 count Aida that Drew from Weasley Studios dyed for me. If you want your own piece, keep an eye on the @WeasleyStudiosDestash Instagram account

If you want the chart, Gulf Coast Stitches is the place to go! 

I'm probably going to FFO it in a white Ikea frame. Not everything can be fancy! ;-) 

Oh! And just today I finished a model stitch! But clearly I can't share that.... so instead I'll say maybe you should grab a copy of X-Stitch Magazine... 0_0

Thursday, March 29, 2018

March WIPocalypse.... Hopefully the World Makes it Through April

So, this post is late. And generally, when I procrastinate my check-in it's because.... I didn't meet the goal! Now, I understand that the goal of WIPocalypse is to work on and finish as many of our WIPs as possible for 2018 and that can't all be done in one month. But do you know how many WIPocalypse projects I worked on in March?



Not one.

Everything I worked on in March was a new start. But you know what? It's my BIRTHDAY MONTH! (that totally works as an excuse for anything, right?)

So, no progress on any WIPocalypse projects. And because I can't make a blog post without a picture and because I don't want to do another post for March Finishes, I'm just going to combine them. (yay!)

So, instead of working on WIPocalypse projects in March, here's what I did instead:

1. I started The Master and the Macabre by the Cricket Collection for the #EAPMacabre SAL in the FB group, Bewitched Stitches:

I'm stitching mine on 16 ct Aida in Enchanted Glen from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie using exactly NONE of the called for colors: 

2. For my birthday, I encouraged the cross stitch world to start Garden of Eerie from Plum Street Samplers: 

I stitched mine in exactly ALL of the called for DMC on a piece of 16 count Aida that I'm referring to as an "oopsie dye". It had been intended for Prairie Moon Merry X-Mas and was all kinds of wrong. But, being a bit of a pack rat, I saved it. And look how perfectly it fit Garden of Eerie: 

3. Then! For Andrea in CO's birthday on March 21, we started Frida by Barbara Ana Designs from the Spring 2018 issue of Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine

I stitched mine in mosly all of the called for DMC, just subbing out colors here and there that I couldn't readily lay my hands on (ie, they're kitted up in something else). The only change that I intentionally made was Frida's skin. It was charted in 822 and I used 738. She's stitched on 14 count Aida that I dyed: 

I'm super excited about the FFO! She's mounted on a padded board and trimmed with tiny pom poms and attached to a Jose Cuervo Tequila and shot glass holder. PERFECT RIGHT?!!?

4. Slightly anti-climactically, I stitched my March ATC for #crossstitchatcs, the theme was Alphabet Soup and we were to stitch our partner's first initial. It's stitched on 22-count Hardanger in Mo's Sale Han: 

So, ZERO WIPocalypse pieces, but lots of good stuff nonetheless! 

And the March Question of the month: What newer designers and product creators out there have you discovered and recommend?

Well. Let me make you a list!
  • Do you subscribe to X-Stitch Magazine? You need to. 
  • Are you a member of the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe floss of the month club? You probably should be!
  • Have you checked out our very own Gulf Coast Stitcher? She has gone into business!! Get your charts from for the BEST customer service around.
  • She's not new, but she's my obsesssion: Theresa Venette of Shakespeare's Peddler. I want to stitch everything she designs. Every. Thing. EVERYTHING! 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Flosstube #49: Less Organized, More Enthusiastic

Flosstube #49 Show Notes



  • Quotes to Live By from Stitchrovia, stitching 2/1 on 16 count Aida in all of the called for DMC flosses: 
  • Midwest Cross Stitch Retreat Haunted House Freebie, chart is from Les Grilles de Maryse blog. Michelle and Joan kitted it up for us with DMC and Michelle dyed the fabric herself. I'm stitching it 1/2: 

  • The Master and the Macabre by the Cricket Collection, stitched on 16 count Aida in Enchanted Glen from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie in almost none of the called for colors. (my conversion so far is below the picture)
    • DMC 166 = Ship's Manor Button Eyes
    • DMC 310 = Gentle Art Black Crow
    • DMC 327 = Colour & Cotton Amethyst
    • DMC 597 = Ship's Manor Calypso
    • DMC 646 = DMC 645
    • DMC 647 = DMC 646
    • DMC 730 = Colour & Cotton Dried Sage
    • DMC 733 = Cottage Garden Threads Sweet Gum
    • DMC 815 = DMC 777
    • DMC 817 = Gentle Arts Buckeye Scarlet
    • DMC 829 = ???
    • DMC 830 = ???
    • DMC 832 = Ship's Manor Ancient
    • DMC 834 = some kind of gold metallic
    • DMC 844 = Victorian Motto Olde Salem Spell
    • DMC 926 = DMC 926
    • DMC 927 = DMC 927
    • DMC 3787 = Colour & Cotton Inkwell
    • DMC 3811 = Ship's Manor June Thread of the Month
    • DMC 3865 = Gentle Arts Oatmeal
    • Silk'n Colors Acorn Woods = (I may actually buy this one)
    • Silk'n Colors Obsidion = ???
    • Silk'n Colors Desert Moss = Mo's Sale Luke
    • Silk'n ColorsAged Plum = Gentle Art Grape Arbor
    • Silk'n Colors Snow Drift = Threadworx 11231Santa's Beard
    • Silk'n Colors Greystone = Mo's Sale Utah
  • Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher, Spring 2018. I have the digital subscription. It's now the SECOND best magazine I've seen

  • Han & Leia chart from Tilton Crafts: 

  • Acorns & Threads purchase: Thursday was our monthly first Thursday meetup. So I picked up the third installment of the By the Bay Needleart Harbor Haven SAL along with the fabric for the piece: 36 count Weeks Dye Works linen in Sea Foam. STUNNING. I also got a small cut of WDW Straw and a DMC Variegated floss for a very special project. 

Happy Mail:
  • A perfect thank you postcard from Abby--TopKnot Stitcher, along with some donut stickies that will be gracing a #SprinkleStitchyKindess parcel near you.
  • Issue #2 of X-Stitch Magazine: This is my new obsession. It's extremely well written and thoughtful. There are SO many charts and even more amazing articles that show us new and exciting facets of the stitching world and make me super excited to be part of it! 
  • This didn't come in the mail, but I received a very special birthday gift from Lori (Texstylust Textile Style Lust) and Lisa (Kindred Stitcher) during our meetup at Acorns & Threads: 
It's a Milennium Falcon project bag!!! And a Han Solo card!!! Both made by Miss Lori. <3 I couldn't thank them enough! 

Flosstube shout outs: 

  • Zoe G:  She's back! She's just as awesome as ever and NOW Zoe is teaching us how to simplify our lives. She's filming her usual Flosstubes and she's started a new Live Simply series. Check her out.
  • Mr. X-Stitch: My current cross stitch celeb obsession. Jamie is cool and smart and he really digs cross stitch!
  • Kinder Ramblings: She's a stitcher and a kindergarden teacher; she's adorable and so are her projects. 


  • A Dance With Dragons by George R. R. Martin: 
    • My Goodreads Review: Well, I asked for more John Snow and more Daenerys and look what I got. FANTASTIC. More Dragons, more Dawnish, more Circe's downfall. And the ending, oh the ending. Look out because NOBODY is safe, not even good, sane people. Can I say that I want more Bran and Catelyn in the next book? I do. More Sansa too! More Starks.

Outside Links: 

  • Lokai:
  • Donate for my walk to end Alzheimer's:
  • NAMI:
  • Les Grilles de Maryse Halloween Freebie:
  • Bewitched Stitches on FB:
  • Tilton Crafts:
  • Dyeing to Stitch:
  • Mr. X Stitch:

Flosstubers mentioned:

  • Amy, x_Amytiville_x:
  • Mauoi Jen, Darkside Stitcher:
  • Marissa, MKissaCreations:
  • McKenna, Stitching in Sequins:
  • Caroline, Off the Grid Needlearts:
  • Drew & Phil, Weasley Studios:
  • Danielle, Stitcherista:
  • Helga, QallieQ Stitcher:
  • Mindi, MintyStitcher:
  • Michelle, Mich Stitch:
  • The Joan & Kelly Show:
  • Lisa, KindredStitcher:
  • Lynda Jo, PrettySouthern:
  • Lori, Texstylust:
  • Michelle, Romantic Tangle:
  • Audrey, StitchyWitch42:
  • Yvonne, Night Owl Stitcher:
  • Abby, TopKnotStitcher:

3k links: 

  • Delicious Threads Needleminders:
  • Heather, the Imperfectly Perfect Stitcher Needleminders:
  • Etsy, MadForMinders:
  • Mr. X-Stitch:
  • Caroline, Evertote on Etsy:

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

WIPocalypse February Update

I feel like I just made a "is it REALLY the end of January already" post. And here I am making a "holy crap, it's the last day of Feburary" post! But I'm not nearly as freaked out as I was in January, mostly because I know what I worked on in February and I'm a huge fan of my WIPocalypse progress.

I worked on Stitchrovia's Quotes to Live By. A lot. And it was amazing. Here's where it was at the beginning of February:

I had stitched the top title tile and most of the January release. 

Here's where it is now: 

I finished the releases for January, February, March, and April and I've started on May. I'm totally loving it. I did rotate off of it for a while to start Chang Er for Chinese New Year and to finish a few smalls, but I came right back to it and I finished the month on Quotes.

I also had a WIPocalypse finish in Febuary!! 

I stitched on and finished and FFO'd Wee Dance from Heart In Hand. Here's where it was when I started working on it: 

I bought this kit from eBay and it was already stitched this far. I was able to put in three good days this month and I finished it completely: 

I did change the skin color from DMC 3774 to DMC 869 and I absolutely love how it came out. I was able to find a perfect square frame at the thrift store and I FFO'd it the day after I finished it: 

And the lovely Mel always gives us a WIPocalypse prompt to discuss. This month's question was: 

Gadgets! Show us your favourite stitching gadgets! and how did you do with Olympic Stitching and what goals did you achieve? 

First of all, gadgets. I use all the gadgets. Here is a picture of my normal set-up:
  1. My Ort catcher. This is a foldable fabric ort catcher and it goes everywhere with me. 
  2. Scissors/scissor fob/safety nub. This is my only pair of embroidery scissors, courtesy of the goodie bag from the 2017 Midwest Cross Stitchers' Retreat in Minnesota, along with my favourite scissor fob from my girl Diana, itiskismet stitches on Flosstube; and with a safety nub to protect me from stabbing myself with the scissors
  3. My qSnap. This one is 8"x8" and I think it's my preferred size for most projects. The qSnap cover is from a friend to whom I gifted a Mira. I also have an 11"x17" for my larger projects and a 6"x6" for tiny projects. 
  4. My needleminder! This one is from Capricious Arts (who is a beautiful embroidery artist who sends magnets with her orders), but I have them from EVERYONE as I simply cannot live without them. 
  5. My project bag! I looooooove project bags!! Again, I have one from just about everyone. this one is Made by Mama Joan and it was another part of the goodie bag from the Midwest Cross Stitchers' retreat. I love the clear plastic front so I can see which project I have in it. 
Secondly, I did participate in the Olympics Challenge. I did the marathon event and I was mostly successful. My goal was to get as much progress as possible on my Quotes to Live By piece (above) and I definitely did that. I think I could be done with it in three more solid weeks of stitching.

Thanks for reading! See you soon-ish. \m/

Flosstube #48 Show Notes

  • You Say Witch from MKissaCreations on Etsy, stitched 1/2 on 32 count lugana in Quiescence from Chromatic Alchemy with DMC 310 and Dinky Dyes silks. Finished into a pillow with some fabric and trim from Joann's and a needleminder accent. (see above for picture)
  • DMC Roses kit, stitched 2/1 on 14 count Aida with the kit DMC and finished into a tiny pillow: 

  • Heart in Hand Wee Dance, stitched 2/1 on 30 count Eggplant Linen in almost all of the called for colors. I subbed DMC 869 for the called for skin color of DMC 3774 and framed it in a thrift store frame: 

  • Barbara Ana Autumn Delight, I finished stitching this late last year and have been waiting for the perfect FFO opportunity. Well, it came in the form of a box of Gudrun Chocolates (SO DELICIOUS!!) that Wade got for Christmas. 

  • Quotes to Live By from Stitchrovia, stitching it 2/1 on 16 count tea dyed Aida in all of the called for fibers: 

  • Midwest Cross Stitch retreat 2017 Haunted House freebie. Michelle and Joan kitted it up for us with the called for DMC and some 36 count linen that farm girl dyed herself. I'm stitching 1/2: 

  • Thrift store haul:
    • Goodwill: three mini Chatelaines (Amethyst, Emerald, and Ruby), Ouroborus Dragon, Just Nan Royal Hummingbirds, flower pattern from a magazine
    • St. Vinnie's: Blackbird Designs Quaker Garden, CCN Bakery and Flower Shop, Chessie & Me Jeanne's Sampler, and a mini felt kit
  • eBay: Lizzie Kates
  • Etsy: 
    • Needlekeep from QnVikki, Victoria, StitchNButton: 
  • Colour & Cotton February floss of the month, OMG:

  • Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas (Book #2 of Throne of Glass)
    •  My Goodreads review: Okay, I was in LOVE with the first half of the book, and then I got SUPER mad at Caelena for almost the entirety of the second half. But I did have things to distract me. Like, OMG, Dorian, really?! OMG, was that twisted thing in the basement who I thought it was?! OMG, she KNEW what was going to happen to her?!?! (Can you tell I'm trying to be vauge? I'm still clicking the spoiler link, don't worry). And then at the very end of the book I heaved the biggest sigh of relief ever. I'm so glad I checked out #2-4 from the library at the same time as I literally couldn't open book #3 fast enough! 

Flosstubers mentioned: 

Jen, Darkside Stitcher:
Amy, x_Amytiville_x:
Marissa, MKissaCreations:

McKenna, Stitching in Sequins:
Leslie, Under the Sea Fabrics:
Victoria, StitchNButton:
Jessica, SchoolhouseStitcher:
Diana, itiskismet_stitches:
Vicki, ReadingandStitching:
Lolly, lollypopstitches:
Drew & Phil, Weasley Studios:
Caroline, Off the Grid Needlearts:
Danielle, Stitcherista:
Latisha, The Crafty Curator:
Gerald, Ginger Gerald Stitcher:
Pam & Steph, Just Keep Stitchin:
Minnie Gray, All XXs:
Kimberly Butler, Stitch Adventures:

Outside links
WTFYW Cross Stitch:

WTFYW Cross Stitch Sales and Destash:
Soulful Stitching on Facebook:
Friday Off the Grid:
Etsy, MKissaCreations:
Capricious Arts:
Under the Sea Fabrics:
Etsy, QnVikki (StitchNButton):
Etsy, WitchyStitchArt:
Etsy, MadForMinders:
Colour & Cotton:

That's all for this week! See you in about five minutes (or three hours) for the February WIPocalypse post!