Thursday, January 11, 2018

Lady of the Flag and Flosstube Live

Hey y'all! I feel like it's been an eternity since my last blog post! That must mean I'm liking this blogging thing, huh?

So what have I been up to? I've been stitching on three major projects this week: Stitchrovia's Be InkSpired, Moe (Mirabilia's Lady of the Flag, Statue of Liberty conversion), and Sue (Mirabilia's Lady of the Flag). I've also put some stitches into a little DMC Roses chart as a car project.

First, BeInkSpired. I made great progress this week and was able to move the q-snap down to the bottom half of the chart. I had intended to stitch all of the outlines first and then color them in but I actually ran out of DMC 310 and had to work on some of the color in the bottom half. Luckily, DMC 310 is readily available all over! So here's where I left off this week:

It's stitched almost all in the called for DMC, except for the sailor girl, whose skin I converted to DMC 436 and 869. And the fabric is a blue linen that I picked up at the thrift store on a bolt for $2.99. That was a win! Then I hit it with a little Navy Rit. Needleminders by Delicious Threads (the lady) and SunSpotCreations (Han). 

Next, I worked on my #TorchTwins, Moe and Sue. I'm stitching Lady of the Flag twice. Let me say that again: I'm stitching Lady of the Flag TWICE. And I'm loving her both ways. When I'm working on Moe (short for Mother Of Exiles), my Statue of Liberty conversion (courtesy of Diana @itiskismet_stitches), I love her the most. And when I work on Sue (named for three symbols on the chart that were next to each other: SUE), I love her the most! I'm keeping Moe for myself and I'm stitching Sue for my Helga. 

That's Moe. She's stitched in the DMC 500 color family on the called for 32 count French Lace linen by Wichelt. Needleminder from Delicious Threads and grime guard from Geeked Out Accessories on Etsy.

And that's Sue. She's stitched on 16 count Preamble fabric that Helga sent me (origin: ??) in all of the called for colors. Needleminder by Delicious Threads. You will begin to notice a trend there. 

My car project is a little DMC Flowers Kit that was a gift from Kaitlyn at Big Apple Stitching on Flosstube. I was able to finish all of the crosses this week and I only have the backstitching left. 

This is going to end up being about 3" by 3". FFO suggestions are most welcome. 

The MOST exciting thing I've done this week is to go through all of my stash to get ready for my GIANT LIVE DESTASH SALE (in my head I was totally shouting) that I'm having on Monday, January 15 at 11am PST. That's 2pm EST and 7pm GMT. All other time zones have to do their own math. It will be on my Flosstube channel, Michelle Garrette Bendy Stitchy.

So today I went through my stash for the first time and pulled out everything I could part with. It's a LOT, but it's less than I'd like. 

I'll go through it all again this weekend. I find that I'm never able to let go of everything I want to let go of on the first time through so I'm hoping to get a lot more out this weekend. It's going to be AMAZING!! See you there? I hope!

If you made it this far, here's a pic of my kid being awesome: 

See you guys Sunday for a Stitch With Me and Monday for the GIANT LIVE DESTASH SALE (yep, still yelling in my head)


  1. Hi Michelle! This is great! I'd love to know where you got the conversion for the MOE. I'd love to get started on mine, but the MOE is tugging on my heart. <3 Thanks!

  2. Hi! I was just able to purchase lady of the flag. Can you share your conversion to the greens for Moe? Thank you