Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Flosstube #76 Show Notes

Happy Flosstubesday!!! It's September 25, 2018 and I'm BACK on the Blog!! YAY!! It feels good.

Best New Thing: 
  • I received the SWEETEST Stitchy Kindness in the mail from Kaitlyn at Big Apple Stitching!! This is only part of it, but here is the teensy tiny necklace that she stitched for me. SHE STITCHED IT FOR ME!! 

FFOs, just one, and it's not even stitching.
  • I finished a La D Da Scissors block and fob and it's FANTASTIC: 

    And I have quite a few of those pictures left, so I'm going to try to find more blocks and make some more of these!! 
  • And, DUH!! I also finished my #CrossStitchATCs for this month!! The theme was Pirates vs Princesses: 
This is the motif from Sue Hillis' Women Who Behave chart. And I stepped up my game on the finishing of the ATC and I'm SUPER proud of it!! 

  • I finished the top left corner block and filigree on Quotes to Live By (aka the MIND SAL) from Stitchrovia: 
Here is my finish for this week:

And here is the full thing right now: 

I also put in quite a bit of work on the bottom right corner, who knows? Maybe I can finish this whole thing by the end of the month!! 

  • I also finished Room 4 of the Tiny Modernist Haunted Mansion SAL: (click on the pic to purchase)
Here is what my room 4 looks like:

And here is my entire thing: 

I subbed Dr. Frankenstein's skin and made him brown using DMC 436 which is Latisha (The Crafty Curator)'s base tone. ;-)

WIPs (Works in Progress): 
  • I've been working on my Quotes to Live by Piece more, and here is where I am now: 
I think I can have this finished by the end of the month!! (Did I say that already? The more you say it, the more likely it becomes!!)

  • And there was a LOT of work put in on A Bowl Full of Scaries this week! The weather has been SO nice and we were outside!
Last week it wasn't started and here it is now:

I hope this will be a finish by next week too!! 

  • Not TOO much thrifting this week, just a couple of gooies: 

Purchases: Not so many this week!! 
  • I went to Joann's. For ONE SKEIN of 761... and I came out with this: 
All of the Fat Quarters are headed to Love You More Studio Co for custom sleeves. HELLO checking off the Christmas list!! 
  • This Month's Colour & Cotton flosses came and they. are. GORGEOUS!! Angela does not disappont. EVER. I got the brights: 

    (I found the fifth one, it's Mermaid Shimmer on the left)
AND I got the Prims:

OMG. Rusted. Tin. 

Happy Mail/Gifts: 
  • First of all, a REALLY kind package arrived from Kaitlyn, Big Apple Stitching: 
She wanted to remind me to take care of myself during this whole thing and this package is ALL about that, from the cool vintage postcards to the silks, it's perfect. Thank you! 
  • The second half of my VMSS flosses came from Edwige! LOVE: 
They're FANTASTIC and that Vivid Teal and Multi Orange are PERFECTION. (click on the pic to go to Nancy's blog for purchasing)
  • Sharon sent a gorgeous Jeannette Douglas chart that I haevn't seen before! and some stamps to help with Alzheimer's shipping: 

  • I finished reading Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas this week and O. M. G!!!! (click on the picture for the Goodreads page)
I. LOVED. THIS. BOOK. I have new favourite characters; my old favourite characters were confirmed; previously disliked characters were fleshed out more and I get them and like them now. I want to be in Aelin's court. Basically. And ROWAN. DONE!! I"M DONE!! Dead on the floor. 

Instagram Auction Items!!
  • Auction will take place today through Tuesday, July 24 at 0600 PST on @michellebendy on Instagram. Here's an amazing diagram describing how to bid: 
Under the picture of the item that you'd like to purchase, you put your bid in $1 increments AND you tag the person who bid above you. Only the person who bid DIRECTLY above you!

  • Here are the winners of last week's auctions, with all of the donations going to Wade's Alzheimer's Walk so he could earn a t-shirt. And BOY did he earn a t-shirt.

  • And the new auctions: These will end on Tuesday, October 2  at 0600 PST. This week's theme is Every Dollar Counts
    • LaDonna from Sampling of Memories sent a GORGEOUS assortment of thread keeps, scissor fobs, and needleminders: 
I'm SUPER thankful to LaDonna for donating these because they're AWESOME. They retail for $15 each and I'm starting them at $10 each, this way they're accessible to everyone. <3

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  1. Great show this week. I love all the progress you are making on the quotes piece.

    I am still monogamously stitching my HAED but have started to feel the pull to do a Halloween piece LOL. Hope you'll check in on my progress from time to time.

    *YOU are stitchy kindness! Thanks for sharing your journey.

  2. What a super post to read (I'm catching up as I am behind)! Love the necklace gift you received! Thinking of you!